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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 13, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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president trump going on the offensive. there were reports that raised new questions about his relationship with russia and his one-on-one meetings with vladimir pu putin. >> the president is slamming a new york times story that claims he's firing a fbi director james comby. this is as the president also pushes back against the washington post report claiming he went to quote extraordinary link to hide details. even keeping senior white house officials in the dark.
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meanwhile the new york times report sparking reaction on fox news sunday. >> it tells me a lot about the people running the fbi. mccabe and that crowd. if this did happen congress needs to know about it. >> that was a concerning and alarming report. it suggests the mueller investigation needs to continue to it's logical conclusion. >> ellisson has the latest. >>reporter: yeah, two major reports in about as many days. president trump and vladimir putin met in the past. they met in finland and according to the new report in the washington post mr. trump has gone through extraordinary links to conceal his conversations and once took possession of his interrupters notes telling him not to discuss the meeting with other
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officials. there is no detailed record even in classified files of face-to-face interactions with the russian leader in the past two years. sarah sanders called the story outrageously inaccurate. she said the liberal media waisted two years to manufacture a fake collusion scandal. unlike president obama that let russia push america around president trump has actually been tough on russia. on friday, the new york times reported on another situation involving president trump and russia. this included the fbi. they are so concerned by the president's behavior when they fired james comby that they opened an investigation on the counter intelligence aspect when they spoke about whether he was working with american interest. when asked if he would work for russia past or present he told the judge it's insulting.
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>> i think it's the most insulting thing i've been asked. it's the most insulting article i have ever seen written. if you read the article you will see they found nothing. >> we reached out to if new york times and they declined to comment. >> thank you very much. this report is coming from the wall street journal that said john bolton explored military options for a strike against iran. that comes as mike pompeo is in qatar today. republican senator marsha blackburn reacted on sunday morning futures this morning.
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>> it's apop -- appropriate to say they are looking at a stable process of withdrawing troops from syria but also of the u.s. maintaining this leadership and moving towards stability in the middle east. you will see that continue. >> we are live in the saudi arabian capital. hi, rich. >>reporter: hi, the secretary of state just landed here. he's in the middle of a trip discussing reaganal issues. the secretary refused to comment on that report. john bolton sought for the pentagon options for striking iran after they fired at borders
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in a military rearea. this is the nfc's job to provide options for the president to respond to threats. also saying in the statement we continue to review the status of our personnel and staff in baghdad. we'll consider the full range of options to preserve their safety and our interest. earlier in the trip he announced on fox news the united states would be hosting a middle east focused summit. one that would be focused on combating iran. >> there will be countries from asian, africa, and across the world. it won't be confined to the united states, europe, and the middle east. we'll work on many issues including how to get the islamic of iran to act like a normal nation. >> they will host this next month. iran's foreign minister reacted
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to that. reminder to host participants of anti-iran conference. those who attended last time are dead, or dismarginallized. they now host desperate not an anti-iran circus. they will meet with the crown prince of saudi arabia. the secretary will raise the murder of journalist. they are confirming strikes on hundreds of iranians. this is after the idf, israeli defense force has discovered an sixth tunnel dug for cross border attacks into northern israel from lebanon. the prime minter --
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>> he took strikes on syria including over the airport. this is coming at his weekly cabinet meeting talking about actions in syria something rarely done by the government. they congress firms reports that the attacks occurred on friday. they filed a come plait on saturday about the air strikes. they claimed most of them were stopped by defenses. this is days after secretary of state supported israel's right to protect themselves the
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israeli military redeclared today after finding a sixth tunnel they have completed the latest operation against the iranian backed group. when asked last month whether it israelis would attack them in their own territory benjamin netanyahu said this is something they would consider. >> thank you very much. from more in iran let's bring in illinois republican congressman adam. he sits on the house committee. congressman, good to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> is it responsible or alarming that they would strike iran if need be. >> it's absolutely the right thing to do. i'm disappointed more in whoever in the pentagon leaked this. they must have all options at
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hand. this doesn't mean we were about to strike iran. if there was a need to strike iran in the future that's an important thing to know. the pentagon has to be willing to give the national security adviser those options. to not do that from john bolton's prospective would be irresponsible. you have to spend days planning this. >> these plans come from more tor -- mortors as you mentioned. one official called that an act of war. how would you characterize it? >> yeah, it would be characterized as an act or war. the response doesn't have to be we go to war with iran. if you attack america or our interest there could be massive
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reaction to that. we have a great military and ability to do that. the pentagon has to work with the civilian leadership to do things like this. whoever leaked this i'm disappointed in. if we go back to the obama administration how many times they thre drew up plans to strie someone they didn't strike. that's the point of the national securityist. >> could the leak be intentional to try to change their behavior? >> that's possible. it was full of people saying i couldn't believe you requested these options. i think it was good he did. i believe stuff like this to the extend we can keep them quiet. the president needs security options at his fingertips and the adviser should do that for
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him. >> if there was a strike that would unleash holy hell. terror strikes by iran. >> that's probably why we didn't strike them. there is a cost to do it. if you take on the u.s. military you will lose, that's a fact. having things to say and the cost of what you have done will outweigh any benefit. >> meanwhile, they will go up to 20% in uranium under the nuclear deal. the europeans and france warn against testing the ballistic missiles. they will put-up satellites in the coming weeks. they say this could carry a
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nuclear warhead. what's your massage to them? they say it violates 2231 that tells them not to test ballistic missiles. >> there will be a reaction if they do this. we are the united states of america. we can stop them from doing this if they want to. iran said the only reason they wanted nuclear power was peaceful power. they had a horizon which the whole deal would go away either way. we don't want to find ourself but it's important for iran to understand they cannot develop a nuclear weapon and we can stop that from happening. >> here at home the shutdown continues. it's day 23 today. it's an added impasse. how will this be broken? >> well, my theory is something
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will have to come out of the senate. that's where deals are. the democrats have to come off of their position of no wall. the president hasn't said no dreamers or anything. he's willing to negotiate. we need to continue to have national guard on the border. i'll be headed there in a few weeks to do my duty. the aircraft i fly is the only aircraft that can do pillar one of the national security and the air guard announced they would get rid of that trying to out run congress and without the president knowing about it. stuff like that, everybody needs to be onboard. democrats need to compromise and republicans need to give up something they don't want. >> tell us about your service? what will you do at the border? we are grateful you are going to
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be deployed. >> it's an honor to do it and thank you for the opportunity to fly the aircraft. i fly the r 26. my whole unit just left and i will join them for two weeks. they will be there for 45 days. they will get rid of the aircrafts. they will sell them off because they want to out run congress and they don't want the administration to know about it. it's an amazing asset and at a cheap rate has secured the border and gone after cartels. i hope this deployment is not my last and they rethink their decision. >> what are you calling on congress to do about your aircraft that you love so much. >> congress supports it. they announced it and tried to sell it before we announced it. if the president knew about it
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he would do something. >> what have you seen? have you seen it cartels? have you stopped drugs yourself? >> yeah, yeah. i worked cartel operations on the border. we'll go to tucson. my guys are in tucson now. i worked in mcallen, texas. we would watch one group come across the border. border patrol would react and the other group would come across. it's like an be benny hill show. we have to have a wall in certain areas and we need technology on the border to secure it. >> the democrats started the defense act in 2006. they were ready for a fence back then. thank you for your service. >> god bless.
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>> we'll catch-up with you when you get down there in a few weeks. >> sounds great. the 2020 democratic hopefuls are lining up. housing development secretary julio announced his candidacy yesterday. he's joining an increasingly growing field. we are live from washington. good afternoon garrett. >>reporter: castro doesn't have the same name recognition but he does have a compelling story he hopes will resonate from voters. his mother came from mexico. he was raised by a single mother. he graduated from sanford and harvard law. he severed as secretary of housing under president to baa. ma. the 44-year-old said comply what th --climate change and the unil
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healthcare will be his top priorities. >> we need a better healthcare system in this country. not a healthcare system that bends to it will of big pharma but for those who really need healthcare. >>reporter: there are a host of democrats that are preparing for the run including elizabeth warren. she was in iowa and new hampshire just last week. >> this is our moment. our moment in history. this is our chance to dream big, to fight hard, and to make this an america that works not just for the rich and powerful to be honest with you an america that works for everyone. >>reporter: one of the biggest names out there is former vice
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president joe biden. last night president trump told judge jeanine iowa -- what he thinks about that. >> who is the one person you would like to really run against. >> a lot of people say biden is doing okay. he was always an oneer. h -- alwaysan 1 percenter. he's basically an one percent guy, he's weak. >> the democratic field could be a crowded one. two others will makeup their minds within the next few months. >> time is ticking and we will find out who will join the race. all right, thank you very much garrett. new details about the suspects behind the shocking ambush style killing of a young california police officer. >> as an officer who has been
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here 20 years i've never experienced this kind of loss at the police department. it's personal. it hits home. >> the community is morning officer natalie coronas tragic loss. they are searching her attackers apartment. what they are saying he did write a suicide note. the after math of the system that dumped piles of snow in the midwest and mid atlanta states.
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friday but headed east into missouri, ohio, and indiana. in missouri four people were killed. in indiana interstate 65 was closed for several hours after several crashes there. >> they make the choses to drive the way they do. because of that, we end up with more than 100 crashes and people getting hurt or killed. >> men and women are out there working hard. they are trying to keep it so ambulances and safety vehicles can get their safely. >> missouri was also hit hard. state highway patrol took to twitter to tell people not to hit the roads. by 2:00 they had gotten nearly 4,000 calls for service and responded to 878 crashes. traffic delays were as long as eight hours. the storm has moved eastward where they have declared a state
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of emergency. it will be dangerous for the mid and southern appalachians. a half-inch of ice could accumulate today. at the white house a foot of snow is expected. most of the snow is expected in the mow mountains north of interstate 64. they received four inches in richmond virginia. they will issue their next storm summery. if you plan to fly check for cancellations and delays this storm is still not over. >> adam called it. he said 6 inches of snow in dc area. all right, jacki, thank you for the roundabout. >> for more, let's go to adam in the weather center. adam, an half foot of snow in washington paralyzes the city. >> you know what, it might not be done yet. it's a large system and will
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take a while to move through the midatlantic. places as back as far as st. louis is getting more additional snow. at this point, yes, the bullseye is the midatlantic. we'll continue to beat those sunday into early monday morning. this is our current satellite and radar. if you live-in northern or certain traditional -- central virginia ice is the big concern. this will continue to be a snow event. there could be more snow before it's said and done. this has been extended. everything in the pink is a winter storm warning. it's been bumped back to midnight tonight. this will wind down through the overnight hours. the last few hours it looked like it may be in this afternoon. it will run into tonight into tomorrow morning. again, fairly widespread across the entire region. this is a look at maryland and northern virginia. we have seen five to eight
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inches of snow so far. not a ton maybe another one to three inches of snow in some of these locations. the heaviest snow has moved on and will become an icy vent for those farther. pay attention to the time stamp up in the corner. from noon to 1:00 it will linger until 8:00 p.m. there is snow along the coastline. as we get closer it does clear off. this isn't a system where you talk about a low pressure system. if you are in new york or boston it won't be an impact. it moves off the coast. cold temperatures are moving in. again, not one of the ones where it will hit or melt in the next day or so. >> at least the kids will have fun. adam, thank you. president trump's pick for attorney general william barr is
9:28 am
preparing for his confirmation hearing on tuesday. one question looms. will he have to reduce himself f from the mueller investigation. >> my hope is the democrats will come to the table and we will be able to resolve this. congress should be the one to take the lead. me here, babe. ok. nasty nightime heartburn? try alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief, plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. oh, what a relief it is! need a change of scenery? kayak searches hundreds of travel sites and lets you filter by take-off time, layovers and more, so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. ♪ kayak. search one and done. ..
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9:33 am
reporter: hi, eric. president comes as democrats are holding up negotiations which could and the government shutdown. he treated today the damage done to our country from a badly broken border, drugs, crime and so much that is bad is far greater than a shutdown, which the dems can easily fix as soon as they come back to washington. the president said on fox last night that he doesn't want to declare a national emergency until he's given democrats another chance to work it out. >> it would take me 15 minutes to get a deal done and everybody could go back to work. but i would like to see that and act responsibly and they're not acting responsibly. i'm in the white house and most of them are in different locations. watching a certain musical in a very nice location. >> you speaking about the congressional hispanic caucus is bold pac meeting in puerto rico this weekend. according to fox news producer come new jersey democrat senator bob menendez was photographed on the beach.
9:34 am
although they will not say which members of congress are in the trip. the group did see the play hamilton while they are. how does this stand off over border security and? here is one top senate democrat. >> it ends when the senate republicans say we've had enough. we are not going to be blamed for this. we believe the government should be opened. there should be timely negotiations on border security after the government has the government is opened. >> republican senator said the senate should take one last step before declaring a national emergency. >> i would urge him to open up the government for a short period of time like three weeks before he pulls the plug. see if we can get a deal. if we can't at the end of three weeks, all bets are off. see if he can do it by himself through the emergency powers. reporter: senator graham said he wants a deal first before reopening the government. eric. eric: molly come the performance of hamilton is for charity to
9:35 am
help the victims of hurricane maria appeared to look good when politicians are sitting on the beach and 800,000 federal workers are getting paid. thank you. our cell arthel. >> obviously democrats would be most curious about the policy. he's very tough line order kind of person and with the passage of the new crime bill, there's a shift shift in thinking about criminal justice and obviously a lot of questions about the mueller investigation, allowing the investigation to go forward. arthel: .biz former attorney general alberto gonzales waiting in ahead of the senate confirmation for president trump's attorney general nominee william bauer. here is neil kwinter, former chief counsel to democratic senator feinstein. he worked on both just is evil
9:36 am
amen kagan in jamel jaffer at george mason university and a former clerk to justice neil gorsuch. we are going to jump right in. you both know william barr came under scrutiny when he had an unsolicited 20 page memo to the doj last year, criticizing the mueller probe, specifically the investigation into possible obstruction of justice when president trump fired fbi director james comey, which is barr said was the right call as he wrote in an op-ed piece. barr also questioned bowlers pursuit of witness tampering by president trump. so we'll barr have to recuse himself from oversight of the mueller probe in order to get the ag job. you are up first. >> well, i don't think we can most afford mr. barr to recuse himself. looking at the guidelines come and there's not a base in the
9:37 am
regulations for him to recuse himself. needs to exercise oversight over the investigation similar to what deputy attorney general rod rosen dean has done. he doesn't have to recuse himself. you simply let mr. muller proceed with this investigation. eric: do you feel comfortable he will do that and leave it alone, the investigation alone? cannot influence in any way. >> well, i'm not comfortable. to troubling things about the memo. he spent the 19 page memo unsolicited which is unusual to the justice department and president trump's attorneys, where he made a strong case on aspects of the mueller probe shouldn't proceed. that's basically an effort to campaign for the job of attorney general by appealing to president trump racer instincts. so that is very troubling. on the substance of the memo he
9:38 am
argues that the president has unlimited authority to shut down any criminal investigation including one into him personally. i think that's a pretty extreme view contrary to what the supreme court said regarding the investigation of president richard nixon and he should be questioned very closely about that. arthel: jamil, what do you think? >> i think is right that barr won't have to recuse, although he'll get a lot of pressure from democrats in the senate on this question of majority leader -- minority leader schumer has called for the president to withdraw his nomination. a number of democratic senators have suggested recusal was appropriate here. on the question about the memo, a lot of the legal experts have debated this question. look at jack goldsmith, hardly a big believer in presidential
9:39 am
powers. he fought against them at the famous hospital visit. he said he thinks attorney general barr's memo is standard when it comes to its view of presidential powers and the executive branch. i think that neil is exactly right this is an issue to take up in debate and figure out what kind of an attorney general bill barr will be. we know his approach and we'll see more in the hearings as they come out this week. arthel: senator lindsey graham, newly named senate judiciary committee chair. how much weight will senator graham's position on barr have with committee members and what will be senator graham's argument to sell the confirmation? >> is a hard and to imagine a better qualified candidate. decide bill barr was campaigning is kind of ridiculous. the men served as an analyst in
9:40 am
the justice department as the head of the office of legal counsel, as the attorney general previously. that strikes me as wrong. what he's doing is writing a memo about his use of the law that at least one prominent professor jack olsen says are pretty standard. i think graham will say look, this is a man with a lot of experience. by all accounts, democrats and republicans alike admit he's a serious person with a lot of stand up to donald trump. the question is what happened to the recusal question. eric: if the probe is a roadblock for mr. barr, and what avenues will this be a smoother ride for him and ultimately will william barr be confirmed? >> i think it's hard to bet against barr been confirmed when you have a larger republican majority in the senate. i don't have a lot of faith and
9:41 am
republican senators doing anything but lining up behind president trump. but i think senator should do their best. to get a commitment from him that they will let the independent counsel proceeded independently and not block or conceal its ultimate findings. arthel: senator graham -- a senator with you because i want to give jamil jaffer the final thoughts. >> i think he'll do a good job. i think the senate would do the right thing by asking tough questions and try to get good answers out of him. at the end of the day by all accounts i don't think a single person in this country have said bill barr is not a highly qualified person and if he needs to his dinner to the president. arthel: jamil jaffer, neil quinter, thank you. eric: vladimir putin said in
9:42 am
one-on-one critics are saying no one but them knows what they were talking about. the "washington post" reported the president tried to hide details and that is prompting a heated reaction from congressional democrats. what they are vowing to do in response and what the president says about him. ♪ ♪
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eric: house democrats vowing to investigate trumps closed-door meetings with russian president vladimir putin. his sin the wake of the washington report this morning, what the paper said were extraordinarily lengths to cover up the details of the talks where he sat with vladimir putin one-on-one with no one else in the room except an interpreter. no aides, no other officials president. the president tonight he tried anything when he called in the justice last night. >> i had a conversation like every president does. you sit with the president of various countries. i do it with all countries.
9:47 am
we had a great conversation. we were talking about israel and securing israel amounts of other things than it was a great conversation. i'm not keeping anything under wraps. i couldn't care less. eric: more about the controversy, daniel halpert joins us. in upcoming daniel, this has made some people very uneasy. nothing has been talked about except what the president says. is it unprecedented and what do you think? >> well, it seems than usual and is obviously worth questioning. i think your view of this like everything trump does this is you like him is like him if the doubt and if you don't like him it's another strike against him. there's two obvious ways to read this. one is perhaps he's trying to hide something in the meeting with vladimir putin and the other one is there so much criticism of us oppose aggression collusion he is altering his behavior and therefore trying to cover up or
9:48 am
trying to make less of a paper trail for people to follow. again, your view of this is likely going to be whether or not you've you president trump favorably and it's another divisive issue. but it's certainly worth questioning in my mind what happened, why is he doing it and getting to the bottom of it. and figuring out what exactly went on and why he seemed to be acting unusual after his meetings with one head of state and not with others. eric: eliot engel, democrat of the bronx formed a committee to look at these meetings precisely to get the notes. the post says in one case the president just match the notes so other people wouldn't see him in the state department and did have access to any type of read out basically. >> yeah, these meetings took place when republicans controlled both the senate and the house. of course republicans don't control the house anymore. president trump could be at home and he could sneeze and the democrats will investigate.
9:49 am
i think president trump now that the democrats have taken over the house needs to operate very differently in washington because washington is different. he will be under investigation for everything he does and basically everybody and his administration, political appointees will be as well. they need to operate under that space. obviously, you know, one hopes that we do get answers through this. it is strange eliot engel you mentioned is creating a subcommittee to look into president trump. that was a foreign affairs subcommittee looking into something else entirely. it shows how much trump dominates the psyche in washington and how they will throw everything they cannot tend to bring him down. that's what they want to do. you know, by all means necessary that is their goal. eric: dominate the democratic psyche. look, it's happened before. june 1979 in vienna. president carter met with
9:50 am
president for an hour and a half. 1985, robert reagan, gorbachev, to meetings. with 70 minutes. later in the afternoon one for 90 minutes alone, just the two interpreters. that was almost five hours alone with no one else in the room. was there the similar type of reaction about president reagan meeting alone without anybody else? >> no. not that i understand. not that i recall. president trump is operating very differently. i don't think anybody serious doesn't believe he doesn't have the right as leader of the united states to meet with any of these people. the criticism i think is before the election or during the election what went on. and now the criticism in the "washington post" tory is why did he treat this meeting differently in by telling the interpreter not to talk to anybody and not leaving a paper
9:51 am
trail with interpreters notes. why is that done differently? obviously, president trump should have been aware, one would think that he's come under all this criticism and therefore democrats if he acts differently than he did with other leaders. eric: allsi right, that is it. we'll be right back. >> thank you. ( ♪ ) the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes not in this house.? 'cause that's no ordinary family. that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese. you picked up new kraft expertly paired cheddar and swiss for eggs. beat that! kraft. family greatly. itso chantix can help you quit "slow turkey." along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting.
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arthel: a northern california community grieves. hundreds of people gathering for a candlelight vigil to mourn fallen davis police officer, natalie corona. jeff paul has the latest. reporter: gap, arthel, we're learning more about the suspected gunman. they discovered a piece of evidence shedding some light into a possible motive at all of this happening as the officers serve came together to remember her. many holding a blue candles to show support for officer corona and one person in general. very emotional mind as friends and family, even complete strangers who didn't know the officer took the time to honor her life. several still don't unders and why this happened and on the first place. >> the kind of girl you want to be your daughter. like i said, i'm so blessed to have been a part of her life and to be friends with her family.
9:56 am
it can happen anywhere. that's a real tragedy. people put their lives on the line, you know, for service. you know, to do good things for people. this can happen. reporter: investigators to discover and note that the suspect left behind where he complained about the davis police department hitting his hearers with ultrasonic waves, but they're still investigating this case to the full extent of the law. back to you. arthel: jeff paul, thank you. we'll be back at 4:00 eastern. train to remember the sacrifice of our law-enforcement officials who protect us every day. thank you.
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10:00 am
gillian: president trump spending as noted in washington trying to end the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. they stay away from the capital and showing no signs of being able to capitalize on the border while piddly is not in public. leland: democrat john garamendi are still in d.c. we will ask them what a deal they would be willing to make. >> and a very crowded field. more democrats to make a run for the white house in 2020. vice president joe biden will be the next to make it official.


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